Sunday, July 22, 2012

I'm Not the Boss You Thought I'd Be

I became the BIG BOSS ten days ago. Since then I have posted for tree removal. Posted for tree trimming. Posted for crawlspace repair. Posted for pavement repair. Posted for the building paint to begin. It's a lot of posting going on.

I've also told one resident that what goes on in her neighbors apartment is none of her business.

I've asked another resident to let me do my job.

I've informed a third resident that if she doesn't keep the noise down that there will be trouble.

I've sent for a police report, told someone to watch their language, and assured yet another that I would see to the ant problem in their unit.

I've worked 9-10 hour days.

I've gone without lunch.

I've fretted over this, that and the other.

I've asked stupid questions and sent far to many emails to my BIG boss. I've paid the bills. I've dealt with the roofers, the landscapers, the pavers, the carpet cleaners, and the bank.

What I've learned is this:

I knew more than I thought I did, but not as much as I'd like to know.

My Foreman is my lifesaver and knows a great deal...just ask him. Seriously, he's saved my bacon a couple of times and I couldn't run things without him.

My Leaser is sweet and kind and talks too much, but knows when to leave me alone.

I like being the Boss.

Heaven help me.

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Island Rider said...

Congrats! Didn't know this was in the works. My how God is blessing you. Did your student ever make it back?