Thursday, August 09, 2012


Since I became the Big Boss, I have dealt with a paving project, a tree trimming project, a tree removal project, the rebuilding of our fire units, a property wide paint project, a flood in three apartments, one horrible fall, and a bee swarm.

I've been yelled at, told off, snickered at, mocked, laughed at and ignored.

Yay me.

I'm exhausted and stressed out.

Today, the property Foreman explained that every property manager goes through this. It's a hazing of sorts. It's like all that can go wrong, will go wrong. According to him, it teaches you that you can handle whatever is thrown your way.

I just want to sleep.

And never hear another complaint about the pool ever again.


On the up side, I've gone toe to toe with unpleasant people and been calm and collected. I've treated folks the way I'd like to be treated. I have tried hard to compromise when it's appropriate and not let anyone wipe their feet on me. My delinquency is under $3000 which is good and should be even better by month end.

I've approved two move ins.

I've dealt with contractors and vendors and been frank, but kind.

I hope I'm setting a standard that will be looked at as just and fair.

If this doesn't work, I may look for another job.

Y'all want fries with that thar burger?

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