Thursday, December 22, 2011


I love to give gifts.

Big gifts are okay, but I love the little, multifaceted kind that you put in a stocking or a gift basket or bag. There is just something about finding that perfect token that tells the recipient that you've paid attention. You know them. You thought carefully about what to give them and you nailed it!

You can tell by the look on their face.

One year, for my BFF's birthday, which is just days before Christmas, I gave her warm, snuggly jammies, a bottle of wine, good quality chocolates, and bubble bath and lotion. The gift had meaning because my dear friend was going through a really tough time health wise. The gift screamed, "RELAX"!

She loved it.

Gifts don't have to cost a lot of money, but they should be the right gift for the right person.

My children are both creative, so paper, pens, journals, books, and art supplies are perfect. As are chocolates. It wouldn't be Christmas without a little a chocolate. Each year I fill their stockings with small items that are individually wrapped. It's so much more fun to open several tiny little gifts. Now that they are adults, I look forward to filling their stockings with useful items as well as oranges. As with chocolate, it wouldn't be Christmas without an orange in the toe of a stocking.

My Beloved doesn't really understand me and all my fussing when it comes to gifts. He doesn't understand my need for ribbon and glittery paper. It is beyond him why any human being uses tissue paper. Don't even get him started on cards..."waste of money..."

All he knows is that it makes me happy to give and others happy to receive.

We are perfectly paired that way.

So, even though the holiday itself is just mere days away and I'm not ready, I'm not worried. Things will get done and I'll spend the day with the ones I love best.

Merry Christmas!

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