Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Return of the Wee Girls

I think the thing I miss most about being  home or working only part time, is that I still had time to put two thoughts together and form them into something grand. Well, perhaps not grand, but something worth saying.

Most days, I feel like I cannot tie my own shoe.

But one day my phone chirped and I found these:

KK 2011

Z-Monster 2011

It is THEM.

The tiny terrors.

KK 2007
Wee Girls.
Z-Monster 2007

KK and the Z-Monster

It's been nearly four years since these two graced us with their presence. There were days when I worried and wondered. They had fallen off the face of the earth and no one, not grandma or auntie knew of their whereabouts. We supposed we'd never see them again.

Grandma found them. Auntie convinced Bio-Mom to meet her at the mall.

And they did.

And they were shy.

At first...

But  Uncle A has a way of drawing children out and soon they were laughing and playing and talking non-stop.

And Bill was there...Buffalo Bill, the white buffalo we'd given KK when she first arrived in our home. Better still, was the fact that they remembered their Auntie and Uncle.

It could mean that they remember us too.

I've spoken, rather passionately, about my loathing of the foster care system. I wrote about the day the girls left and were returned to their biological mother. I moaned about how they drove me nuts and all the terrible and wonderful things those two tiny tyrants taught me, but today it all seems so hazy.

And my heart longs for two tiny girls who drove me mad and changed my life.

I cannot wait to see them.


Akum said...

super cute... You're so lucky to have these angels in your life.

Island Rider said...

Oh, I know you can't wait to see them, but will dread the saying goodbye again. Hopefully, it won't be for so long this time around.