Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Crabby McCrabby and His LOUD Friends

First day on the job went really well. I learned that I have a lot to learn. A LOT. I was handed two very large binders and one smaller one and told to read them. I have online classes. I have a telephone class. I have no idea how I'm going to learn all this stuff.


But it's good! It's exciting! It's something new and different.

And speaking of different....

I met many of the residents who reside in the complex I'll mainly be working at. Some were super sweet. Others were friendly. A few wanted to know if I would be sticking around or if the other property would steal me away. Then there was the crabby ones.

They complained about their rent.

They complained about burnt cookies (from days ago).

They complained about how hot it was. (Seriously, it was a lovely lovely lovely day topping out at around 77 degrees).

They complained about their neighbors.

And I watched Megan the Masterful deal with each of them in her sweet, understanding way. Her smile never faltered. Her tone was even and kind. She listened to them, reassured them, explained things to them, and reiterated company policy over and over and over again.

Dude, she's amazing.

My office, yep, my own little office WITH conference table, is just down the hall from the billiards room. Those men get real serious about pool. I listened to them carry on for over an hour and couldn't help but smile at their exclamations.

I met the charmers, who hold your hand too long. I met the really nice, soft spoken gentlemen. I met their wives and their girlfriends.

I met the sex kittens, who at 60+ are still on the prowl.

I met those sweet grandma types who just dropped by to say hello and comment on the weather.

Over all, it was a good day.

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