Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Change is Good

New Boss: Hi it's Megan!

Me: Hi Megan!!!

New Boss: So, I got your criminal background check paperwork back from corporate. You should have told me that you poisoned your first husband....

Me: Did I forget to mention that?

Tomorrow I begin my new job. I have packed everyones lunch, prepared my gym bag, and considered (and reconsidered) what to wear.

Girl gave me an early Mother's Day gift and paid for a manicure so my nails would look all purty on my first day. 

This new position is going to be such a great fit and I am truly looking forward to working with Megan (who is  a m a z i n g). I think we'll make a great team and the parts of the job that she doesn't care for, well, they are right up my alley.

When she interviewed me she said, "Okay, so that's all the fun stuff. Now let me tell you about the bad stuff." She went on to explain that at this complex management hosts some form of party every month. This means doing all the planning, decorating, and cooking. Every Friday we provide home baked cookies in the club house. 


The down side for me will be making sure that I keep the 45 lbs I've lost off! 


Life is going to be different around here, but I'm sure we will all adjust. If nothing else it may just be the catalyst for Girl FINALLY getting her drivers license. Sooner or later she's going to get tired of taking the bus. 


Change is good and this new job means we can actually do some of the home improvement plans we've been whining talking about.

I'll probably won't sleep a wink tonight. I feel like a kid before the first day of school. 


A. K. said...

Congrats on the NEw Job! Change is good if it means better job, bigger salary...

A.Marie said...

Good Luck on the new job!!! I would love to have a job that threw parties and had me baking cookies!! But, I'm with you on the "no eating cookies" thing!! :)

Annie said...

AK - Thanks! More money is nice and the job skills make me more marketable.

A.Marie - Howdy! And I learned today that we bake cookies EVERY morning. Oh boy....