Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Random Ten

In all honesty I cannot think of a single topic to blog about. So, I'll blog about ten things I've been thinking about.

1. My mother. It always happens around this time of year. I start thinking about my mother. Since my Omi passed away I have no one to send a card to. I wonder what would happen if I sent her a card. From past experience I believe we would cycle down the same dreary road which would end with me being ticked off and her being suicidal.

I think I'll forgo the card sending again this year.

2. Dandelions. Honestly. I think we should use them as a biological weapon against our enemies. You simply cannot kill them. If we loaded plane loads full of them we could drop them over unsuspecting countries and they'd be so busy trying to get rid of them, they wouldn't have any time to stir up trouble.

3. Speaking of other countries. I think we need to stop supporting on the face of the planet and pull our resources back into the good ol' USA. Remember when we were a country of industry? We could be again. Just sayin'.

4. Tonight I am cooking Swai. It's a fish. Don't be afraid. It's something new and new is good!

5. Which leads me to think of our upcoming vacation! We have tickets to see Allison Krause in concert and are going to stay at Villa Columbia Bed and Breakfast.I am so looking forward to this fun time with my Beloved, only I'm worried about our old doggy Sam. He doesn't seem himself and I wonder how he'll do on his own for a couple of days. Not that he'll be "alone" since my good friend The Giver will be here looking after him. It's just that he's soooo old and soooo unlike himself. Poor old thing.

6. And then there's the whole new bonding thing that will take place at my new place of employment. There's a whole cast of characters over there with new names to learn. They don't know how funny I am and I'm certain I'll just come off as a dork. Uggh. I hate the dork stage of a new relationship and I miss my girls from the old gym. They thought I was funny and laughed at all my stupid jokes. Now I'll have a whole new set of folks to train in Idiot Girl humor.

7. Be seein' ya girlfriends! Another one of my old friends quipped how she never sees me.  She said she'll have to get on Facebook to see what I'm up to. She said, "You know, you can all me sometime. Even if I'm not in town, my phone rings..." Gulp. I'm a bad friend.

8. And speaking of relationships, Girl is still guarding her phone number and Boy is still mooning over a girl in his church. Both situations make me crazy. Girl keeps getting asked for her phone number. She is still rejecting those who ask, but I wonder about that one guy. You know the one. The one who is funny and dorky like Girl is. But Girl isn't sure he's serious enough about faith and such. Sigh. Then Boy's situation is maddening because I want to fix everything. I want this girl who is so young, so sweet, and so not ready for a relationship to BE READY. Of course, I'm keeping my GREAT BIG MOUTH shut on both fronts.

(Boy/Girl if you read this....I didn't mean anything and I have no opinions as to what you should do...honest...stop laughing...I do too mean it....)

9. I need to find the perfect housewarming gift for Soldier Mommy who just purchased her first home. I'm so happy for her but cannot decide what to get. A gift card seems so lame, but she's a shopper and I'm certain she has everything she could possible need. Suggestions?

10. I can hear the ice cream truck as I sit here and I think it's weird that it's running so early in the year. For heaven's sake, it's pouring out there! And just now I realize that I have never bought ice cream from a truck. Never. I find that kind of sad.


Roo said...

Speaking of the ice cream truck, my aunt (she's an aunt to me by marriage and is my age) told us that her mother used to tell them that if they heard the music it meant that they were out of ice cream. Dang ice cream truck... never has any ice cream!!!

Heather @ Mrs. Southern Bride said...

Your vacation sounds wonderful! I have never heard of Swai, but I do like fish! Thanks for your kind comment on my blog the other day. :)

Betty Craker Henderson said...

I think you must be the biggest worry-wart this side of San Francisco! Look on the bright side,'ll be a lot happier!

Anonymous said...

I am SOOOOO excited for you . . . Hugs()