Monday, April 25, 2011

I Wasn't Looking....Honest

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from a former co-employee. She offered me a job, stating that she knew I would be the perfect fit. She admitted that she felt a little guilty stealing me away from Curves (she thought I was still at the old location) but that she could offer me more money, no night or weekends, and advancement.

What's a girl to do?

I applied of course.

I told my new boss about the offer and that I felt guilty about possibly leaving her gym. Mel told me that if the same offer were made to her that she would take it.

"Go for it!"

I had three interviews, the last one being this afternoon. I've been offered the job at a wage well above the going rate, even though I have no experience in this line of work. My new boss said that she felt confident offering me the post and the pay because she feels I will bring a lot of experience and enthusiasm to the position.

I'm super excited!

Another wonderful thing is that I can still work at the gym and continue learning about management and ownership.  My heart is still set on owning my own gym some day.

There have been a few people who assumed that I was "looking" for a new position, but I swear I wasn't. It just fell into my lap and it's such a great opportunity that I couldn't pass it up.

It means I'll be able to pay to have a new fence built, have the house re-plumbed and support some of the ministries we've been unable to support in the past.

It means my Beloved can breath a little easier.

It means I can help Boy and Girl with life expenses.

It means full time....gulp.

Not really! I'm really looking forward to learning something new and seeing where it all takes me.


Betty Craker Henderson said...

I think its exciting that you're taking on a new job. And a little more money is always to be looked forward to. Also it helps me out to be thinking of you because I've been asked to help out also and I was pondering whether it was a good idea or not...long time since I did stuff for someone else but it sounds neat.Good luck, kiddo. Let us know how it works out?

T. Paine said...

This "fell into your lap" because your friend knew the quality of person that you are and knew that you would be the kind of person needed.

Congratulations Annie! You deserve it!