Wednesday, March 16, 2011

One Week of Lent for a Protestant Girl

Today marks the one week mark of Lent. You may recall that I decided to jump on the band wagon and see what this whole Lent thing was about. Let me just say, it's been enlightening. Before engaging in this spiritual journey I had to decide what to give up...what sacrifice to make...And I didn't want it to be trivial. I decided on something I knew I would struggle with, but that wasn't so earth shatteringly life changing that I couldn't succeed.

I'm a Lent virgin, cut me some slack.

Since I didn't want to go about with my "Look at poor me...I'm sacrificing here!" face on, I kept my little sacrifice to myself. Okay, I told the family, because trust me, they always sniff out a secret, otherwise, no one knows. I'll tell y'all after Easter and we can laugh about all the struggles I had and what I learned along the way.

The other part of Lent, the focus and mediating part, is coming along. I keep a journal and am recording my daily readings and thoughts. It will be interesting to go back and see the entire puzzle come together when these forty days are up.

My prayer life is stronger. Of course, there is so much to pray for isn't there?


A girlfriends struggles...

Boy's future...

Girl's future...

And so much more. It's nice to realize that I'm having more conversations with God and not just quick little, "Hey, how ya doin? Could you take care of this for me?" kind of prayers.

I'd like to say that my attitude is better and I suppose in some ways it is. I feel happier, but I'm still sarcastic. I'm still snotty. I'm

I am only perfect in my imperfection.

As I begin week two of Lent I admit that I am startled by how many more days there are until Easter. Part of me thinks I'm a bozo for attempting this. That side of me tempts and teases me. Then I think how could I possibly go back on my sacrifice? I mean, it's not like I promised just anyone, I promised the Lord God Almighty!

Lent = Guilt?

Is it guilt that keeps me on this righteous path? Or is there something more? Could it be that I desire to truly give something to God, even though it is little and pathetic?

Lent = Devotion

Time will tell. For now I am staying the course and trying not to make excuses or allow loop holes for myself to fall through. However, I admit that I am still eating meat on Fridays...but I'm not Catholic so I'm not sure it matters.

One thing is for certain, during this last week I have been reminded of how great God's love is for people and that is a great thing to know.


T. Paine said...

Good for you, Annie!

I personally find that when the temptation or desire to partake in whatever it is that I have "given up" for Lent strikes me, if I turn to prayer at that time, typically the craving passes far more easily.

Indeed, that is the purpose of the small sacrifices we make; it is so we can turn to God instead!

Barrie said...

I remember giving up something for Lent all through my childhood. I'm curious to see what you chose.