Thursday, March 17, 2011

Where Can I Find Me Some of Those?

Back in the day, those by-gone days of my childhood, I remember seeing women with rollers in their hair at the super market. My mother would remind me that when one was out in public, one should always put their best foot forward. Those words have stayed with me throughout my life and were the driving force behind my never leaving the house with out full battle gear: hair and make-up.

Now that I'm in my forties, I've relaxed a bit. I go to the gym without make-up on. I've been known to rush to the store with my hair pulled into a tight bun without a trace of color on my face. It's nice to know that the world does not come crashing down around my ears when someone I know sees me sans Revlon.

But there is a growing trend that is really starting to bug me. It's the wearing of pajamas in public.

Seriously, do these folks simply lack other attire, or have we truly slid this far down the pole of decency?

My mother-in-law, God rest her soul, wouldn't be caught dead in public in a pair of sweatpants. I wonder how she'd feel about Sponge Bob PJ's that are now being fashioned in the frozen food section?

Today, as I came out the grocery store, I passed a woman who had obviously just crawled out of bed. Her hair was sticking up in various places and she was sporting plaid PJ's. Now, maybe she works the night shift and had to run to the market for milk. Maybe she's been ill and need meds. Perhaps she was in the middle of preparing a meal and was missing an ingredient.

Not to mention, it's none of my business what she's doing. Not really. I guess it just makes me kind of sad that our society finds it acceptable to waltz around in clothes that are meant for relaxing or sleeping in. I envy the past when ladies dressed like ladies.

Of course that opens up a totally different can of worms: The Corset!

Run away! Run away!

On second thought... Those PJ wearing folks might just be on to something!


T. Paine said...

As irritating as the PJ-wearing public is to me, I really get annoyed when the kid in line in front of me has pants on that are three sizes too big so they are half-way down his butt and his boxer shorts are there for all the world to admire.

Seems to me that back in our day, this would be a kid just begging for a power-wedgie!

Betty Craker Henderson said...

All you gotta do is start wearing them yourself. You'll be surprised how fast the young people will return to pressed pants and neckties. Do you really think they want the adults to emulate their way of dress? Did you??? This too, my friend, will pass.

Roo said...

Now they have the "Pajama Jeans!" Pajamas, but hey... they're jeans! I just don't get it!!!!

Sandcastle Momma said...

I've noticed the same thing. My girl and I were in line in Walmart the other afternoon and the woman in front of us had on PJ pants and pink slippers.
I hate to be judgemental of people but I looked at the Island Girl and said "If you have to go out, at least put on something that resembles day clothes and NEVER wear your slippers!"
I'm bad about throwing my hair in a pony tail, yanking on jeans and a t-shirt and running out the door but I couldn't even go to the JR store in the middle of the night in my pjs. Too bad other people don't feel the same way.