Monday, June 21, 2010


Sometimes I have a sneakin' hunch that I may be a pawn in a power struggle.

Me no likey.

Sometimes I just want to sleep past 5:10.

Is that too much to ask?

Sometimes I want to scream my head off and I've thought about doing it. We've got a barn you know. Sadly, the neighbors would probably hear and would think someones livestock was in pain. Yeah, not really the image I'm going for.

Sometimes I don't want to think about anyone but me. Nor do I want to clean up after them, or cook for them, or anything else for them.

Sometimes I want to throw my computer out the window so I don't have to read my email.

Sometimes I wish I was braver. If I was I would have asked that snotty little bank teller what she said to her co-worker that made her turn and look at me and grin.

Me hatey snotty bank teller.

Sometimes I just want to sit and cry and not have to explain the reasons why to anyone.

Sometimes I think the grass grows just to spite me.

Sometimes I think the only thing that will keep the gray diggers and slugs away from my flowers is a nuclear bomb.

Sometimes I want chocolate cake.

As I watch the days stretch out before me, I wonder if I'll break out of this box, flip the world the finger, and do what I want regardless of the consequences.

But, probably not.


Travis Erwin said...

Damn the grass.

Barrie said...

Regarding the chocolate cake: go have a piece. Surely you have your cake and eat it too! Sorry.....couldn't resist. ;)

A. K. said...

You sound like a perfectly normal women... Looks like you have lots going around inside you...

Have a great day