Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Blogging Our Lives Away

So, I've got time on my hands. Time to ponder life's great mysteries. That, and other peoples blogs. All I can say is y'all are a lot funnier than I am. You're better looking too. And you have perfectly, wonderful lives. You never say things like you wanna tear someones head off. You seldom moan about life's little disappointments. You post the most amazing recipes and photos and you make me envious of your talent.

You're just too much I tell ya, too much.

I'm thankful for what you write. Sometimes you make me laugh so hard that coffee comes out my nose. Really. It does happen, although I admit I've learned to control that reaction. Cleaning coffee off of a monitor and paperwork isn't nearly as much as it sounds.

There have been times I've been moved to tears by one of your heart wrenching stories. Some of the things you folks have lived through, well, it just amazes me.

Some of you write about faith. There are times it makes me feel small because sometimes my faith is small. Sometimes I don't understand things and I wonder and I feel lost. Your faith writing is heartfelt. It springs from  a soul that is right with God. Dude, it's sooo good.

Then there are those of you who are snarky and sarcastic (can I get an amen?!). You think like I do. Sorry, but it's true and it tickles the wicked little girl in me.

One thing I'm having trouble finding though, is the mom who is in limbo. She doesn't know what to do with herself. I find no middle age anxiety, no empty nest syndrome, no identity crisis in this little blog world of mine. But I know you are out there. I know because you have to be out there.

You write about politics and cars. You post about gardening and crafts. Sometimes you blog about your family trip across Europe...and I follow you, vicariously living your adventure.

Most of us will never make a dime blogging. Sure, there are the "chosen" few, but most us simply report the weather, the babies growth, the daily grind, the life lived.

And whether you know it or not, you touch a life every time you publish a post.

So keep writing!


T. Paine said...

Annie, don't sell yourself short.

Your posts are always witty and heartfelt. I sincerely enjoy reading your insights into life and your interactions with family and others.

Your blog DEFINITELY is one that significantly adds to the quality of my reading list.

I proudly recommend your blog on my own and check daily for any postings you might have done.

Keep up the GREAT work and don't worry. Your writing is at the pinnacle of the blogging world, in my opinion, ma'am!

Annie said...

Ahh T! You're so funny. I was just saying how much I enjoy reading everyone else's blog. They are so entertaining and thought provoking. I've met so many folks that I never would have had the pleasure if it weren't for the blogging world.

You of course, are a friend from days gone by, and even though you are a Trail-Loser fan, even though we don't agree over the General, we can still be friends.

I'll still read your blog...maybe... :)

Anonymous said...

Can I say I understand you . . . . sigh . . .

Roo said...

T. Paine is correct Annie...don't sell yourself short. I enjoy reading your blog and check in every day. I'm single, never married, and no kids, but I still thoroughly enjoy reading about the things that are on your mind.

As for the blogs by moms in limbo, most may be feeling the way you do...the kids are gone, my life isn't very interesting, I have nothing more to write about... therefore no blogs on that subject.

I feel that blogging is a good place to get your feelings out there and share, even with people you don't know.

Keep writing Annie! Love to hear from you!!!

T. Paine said...

You need time-out for your Trail-loser comment, ma'am! Bad girl!

How does your hubby put up with this anti-Blazer blather?

T. Paine said...

How does your hubby put up with your anti-Blazer blather, ma'am?

You are very bad! :)

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

If you're feeling low, just visit my humble blog. That should make you feel mighty good about yourself. :)

I have an empty nester friend who blogs, but instead of the limbo-ness, it's about her college-age daughter's drug addiction. So limbo-ness may not be so bad....