Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday - Woot!

It's Saturday! Delicious, wonderful, GIRL filled, Saturday! I am loving me some weekend!


But wait, what about Friday?

See, Beloved and I have been trapped busy here in the house. FIL still needs so much and we feel guilty, just a wee bit guilty for leaving him alone for too long. With both of us working and Girl out of the picture, he's alone a lot more. Of course, he can do a lot more, but hours and hours of being alone and not being able to carry his own glass of apple juice while holding on to the walker does make things difficult.

And just so you know, when I said I was growing bitter about the lack of help, I was not referring to my Girl. She is the bomb and more helpful than any other!

Last night as I walked in the door, I told Beloved that I needed TO GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE BEFORE MY EVAH LOVIN' HEAD EXPLODES.

Or something along those lines.

We tucked FIL in for the night and told him that we were going OUT.


And so we did. We decided on a late dinner and a late movie. It's the only time we can ever find these days; late.

There was only one problem with late.

After dinner...we were tired. We decided that spending $20 on a movie we might sleep through seemed a bit wasteful. Instead we came home and watched the first episode of Chuck, all snuggly on the sofa in our PJ's.

It was almost truly like a date because FIL was sound asleep and we never heard a peep from him. Why, he was even quiet this morning as we slept in LATE. Ha!

Today, is my Girl day. She's home for an entire twenty-four hours and I'm going to embrace all the Girl time I can before she returns to work tomorrow.

Dutch Bros - check
Chick flicks - check
Funny camp stories - check
Seeing her purity hazel colored eyes - awesome!

Saturday! WOOT!


tootie said...

Yay! Enjoy the girl time! :)

Barrie said...

You certainly deserved a date night. Hope Saturday with your daughter was a blast!