Monday, June 28, 2010

Do You Know Where YOUR Underwear Is?

I faithfully returned Girl to camp last night. I hate returning Girl to camp. But I have to admit that she has come home with some funny stories. Such as the story about how Boy, who is her boss at camp, told one of his roommates, who also works at camp, that he is not allowed to talk to Girl...ever...

Roomie quickly beat a path to Girl and tattled on Boy.

Girl looked at Roomie kinda funny and said, "Why?"

Roomie had no answer.

As Girl retold the story to me she laughed and said, "If Brother is worried about that guy he shouldn't. He's as tall as a hobbit! ha ha ha ha ha..."

Girl is rather tall. Much taller than Roomie. She doesn't find him attractive. At. All.

I didn't ask her about the other know...the cute one...

Girl also explained how every afternoon, after the day campers leave, the staff cleans up. This includes the bath house. She complained about what a disaster it is. Girl cannot believe anyone could be so messy. I quietly peaked into Girls room....I think she's growing corn...

Anyway, Girl exclaimed, "Every single day we find some kids underwear! I mean COME ON! Underwear! You had it on when you arrived and changed in to your swimming suit! How can you forget your underwear!"

I tried to defend the poor little campers by explaining that they are little and little kids forget things.

"MOM! It's underwear! You do NOT forget your underwear!"

Let that be a lesson to you!

Now, if only she were home, I might not have forgotten to put actual coffee into the liner. As of this exact minute I have brewed a lovely pot of hot water, sans coffee.

I guess I better check and make sure I've got my underwear!

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