Saturday, June 26, 2010

Things You Don't Know

And really didn't want to! Ha!

I can touch my nose to my knee during a hamstring stretch.

I didn't think my husband was all that good looking until I saw him on our wedding day. Don't get me wrong, he was okay looking, but when I saw him standing at the thought was, "I win!"

I prefer large dogs to small. Tiny dogs are like little rodents and serve no purpose.

And speaking of dogs, when I went out this morning to feed FIL dog Mia and our dog Sam, I noted that Mia has a HUGE, baseball sized lump on her throat.......

I have a birth mark that my mother told me was a coffee stain.  Seriously.

I don't know as much as I pretend I do. But I know more than you think I do. Ha!

I always hoped that I was adopted and that my real parents would show up and claim me. I still do.

I had an invisible friend named "Goober" when I was little because my older, half-brother wouldn't play with me.

I have been published in several magazines and earned about $25.00 for my venture.

I currently have sitting on my desk vanity: a Darth Vader head filled with candy, a retro 70's slinky (the metal kind), a fisher price tiny  plastic person from my childhood, a tiny, yellow, plastic Indian, a tiny grow kit for basil, red nail polish, and pink baby booties.

As of right now I have 1 hour and 15 minutes before I have to be at work.

Gotta run!


Barrie said...

Love the Doris Day quotation! And the list of items on your vanity. ;)

AK said...

Even i prefer big dogs over small one because am a bit clumsy and I dont want to rink the chance of stomping them. lOL