Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Idiot Hippy Girl Alert

Not a very nice title, I know. Sorry about that.

You see, I met an idiot several weeks ago. She offended me right out of the gate. I found her rude, obnoxious, and just plain weird. Like old hippy weird. As in she was at Berkley during the 60's. I think there is a lingering chance of past drug use. Just sayin'.

The weird thing is, I am nice to pretty much everybody. I am. I'm not the kind to be nasty to a person for no reason. In fact, I'll seldom be nasty to anyone because I don't like the conflict. It takes a lot to really get under my skin. Sadly, this woman has my number and I keep letting her dial it.


My boss (hi Kristen!) told me it was obvious that I don't like Idiot Hippy Girl. I didn't deny it.

I've been nice to Karma Girl - remember Karma Girl? I keep a respectful distance, say hello and good bye, and don't flinch when she feels the need to put her arm around me (gag!). And I will continue to spread peace and harmony with the more difficult members of our little gym.

But Idiot Hippy Girl? Yeah, she could get me fired.

Fired because she's cruel and judgmental and vicious and just plain stoopid. Fired because I just want to tell her I think she's an idiot and weird. Fired because my body language says all that and more.

I told boss (hi Kristen!) that she could fire me, but I'm not going to like Idiot Hippy Girl.

Not. Going. To. Happen.

I'll answer all her dumb questions and trust me, when she works out on my shift...she's gonna work...


I'll do my best to keep her from chewing on my trainees. It's a favorite game of hers, to ask a newbie why this is this way or that and then argue the point. As one of my trainee's said, "Every time she's in here we look like Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb!" And this trainee is brilliant and so good at her job. So good in fact that she was offered another job and took it and left me!


Someone told me the best way to deal with Idiot Hippy Girl is to not let her get to me. They reminded me that she is just a bitter, angry, old woman who is spreading hate and misery everywhere she goes.

And I know they are right.

It doesn't change how strongly I dislike her or how much I'd like to tell her off. If I do, I mean if it's gonna go down, trust me, I'll say what I've been wanting to say for a month now. And then...


I've never been fired from a job before...Wouldn't it stink to start now?



T. Paine said...

The sad thing is that most people like that know exactly what they are doing and are TRYING to be offensive.

Heck, I bet she is even a Lakers fan!

Kristen said...

I never said you have to like her. Tolerating and not being rude is all I ask. :)