Sunday, May 16, 2010

Things Are Different Here

The south. It's different from the west.

They pollute their tea with sugah and call it tea. You have to specifically ask for NON-sweet tea.

The air is thick. It feels like you are swimming in it the moment you step outside.

It's 30 below zero in most indoor places. Which means you must dress in layers: light clothes for outside and heavy clothes for inside.

They post little plaques on their restaurants that say things like this (and yes, I really did see this last night):

We respect the rights of gun owners, but it is our policy to not allow guns inside our restaurant.

Just think how many daisy waivers would pass out if they read this sign back in little ole' Portland.

And they talk funny here.

Other than that, it's delightful. Seeing signs like "Nashville" and "Knoxville" made me feel giddy and slightly light headed. These are places I supposed I would never see.

So, ya'll come back now, ya hear!


Sandcastle Momma said...

Pollute their tea with sugah? Honey you ain't had good tea til you've had sweet tea LOL
Welcome to the South!

Travis Erwin said...

Sweet Tea is the only kind of tea. The rest is just brown water.

tootie said...

Glad you are getting to visit the South! And this is a good time of year - before it gets crazy hot in the summer!

Patti said...

um, not to be nitpicky, but here in the south we spell it *y'all*...

now, pass the sweet tea.

Annie said...

I find it amusing that the only ones who posted a comment are those of you in the South. Interesting ;)

Patti, y'all....ya'll...ahhh!

Thanks for clearing that up for this Yankee!