Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Open Skies

It's been about 6 years since I last flew. I'd forgotten that folks actually do travel with small children. I'm wondering why? Really. As I stood in line at security, which is sort of a joke here at my little "international" airport, I was flanked by Lindsey and Karen. These two delightful princesses of the air where terribly excited to be flying. Judging that neither was more than three-years-old, I'd say they had good reason to be. Just think what awaits them: a small enclosed space with terrible acoustics.

But first we had to get through security. Little Princess Lindsey was well on her way, having ducked under the cattle shoot, er, blue security mesh, past the x-ray zone as her mother desperately called to her. I watched with amusement wondering how far she'd get before Security Officer Bob bellied on over and requested she return to her mother. The thought crossed my mind, just for a moment, that maybe they'd think this blond haired, blue eyed Princes was a security threat. Wouldn't that be exciting?

Unfortunately no international incident took place, because Princess Lindsey got one good look at the stern face of the security agent and decided to return to Mommy.

Fortunately, I was still left with Princess Karen whose tiny legs carried her far up the maze of security before her father noticed her missing. In fact, people had just started to wonder who Princess Karen belonged to, when Daddy began calling her name. Between us, I don't think this is Princess Karen's first pony ride. If she'd had her boarding pass and photo id, she might have made it to her flight alone. As luck would have it Security Officer Bob was able to corner Princess Karen and quickly escorted her back to her father; where she screamed bloody murder for the next fifteen minutes.

At this point I'm fairly certain that every adult within hearing distance was praying that they wouldn't be flying with Princess Karen of the super lung. Today's flight takes me to Kansas City. After a three hour layover, I'll be heading to the music capital of the world. I wonder if it's still under water?

Oh,and one more thought, I'd just like to mention that leaving FIL this morning was bitter sweet. As I said my goodbyes to him I noted that he was a little anxious. I asked him what was wrong, was he in pain or concerned about something? His reply was quick, perhaps a little too quick? He was fine. Just fine. I smiled and told him not to worry, he'd have plenty of assistance while I'm away, saving the world. He smirked and told me that's what he's afraid of! Funny man, that FIL of mine.

As I sit here, I realize that I (and Girl and Beloved) have become his anchor. We feed him, care for him, tuck him in for the night. Certainly, the Unabomber as been there to do more than his fair share, but I think FIL has begun to view us as the main caregivers.

It's kinda sweet....and just a little bit creepy. I've said for years that he will outlive me. Considering everything he's been through these past seven years, I think I may have been slightly prophetic.

We've  just arrived in Kansas. I've yet to see Dorothy or a corn field. After a quick lay over I'll be off to the land of country music. Sadly, I believe it is raining there as it is here in Kansas. So, let me get this straight, I left beautiful weather back home only to be rained on at my destination?

And me without my umbrella!

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