Monday, August 24, 2009

Beach Trip 2009

We don't get away often. There's always money or work or ... money.

Yesterday we went to the beach and Boy had time to go with us (a rare event in the summer I assure you!).

To save money we took our own food. The menu included homemade salsa, hummus, fresh veggies and watermelon. There was a lovely cibatta bread, homemade, fat-free muffins, and string cheese. Yum.

We started in Lincoln City and did the beach thing. It was a beautiful day considering it is the Oregon Coast and it is always windy and cold.

Then we traveled to the outlet malls. We do love to window shop!

Finally, we drove to Boiler Bay and Agate Beach. Then it was off to Newport for a bowl of Mo's clam chowder.

I'm so thankful for such a lovely day with my family. As the children are moving into their adult lives I am holding on to these moments with both hands.


Amber said...

Oh! I LOVE these pictures. I love how every so often you and Chris get an updated beach picture of the two of you. It reminds me of the pictures taken at Gold Beach when you were just kids on your honeymoon... *sniff* I'm so stupidly sentimental!

Travis Erwin said...

Looks like a cool trip to me.

Patti said...

i hear ya sista. on all fronts...