Saturday, August 22, 2009

Watching it Fade

I'm watching what may be the end of a marriage.

It's agonizingly painful.

I can't help but wonder if all the folks involved will come out the other side okay.

This isn't a made for television movie. This is real life, in real time.

It's not Jon and Kate.

Instead it involves a person I care about very much.

And I'm torn.

I know too many details and sometimes I just want them to split. Get it over with. Move on. Assess the damage, make what repairs can be made, and get on with life.

There have been too many hurts. Too much pain. Too much injustice.

Far too much blame shifting.

Then again I worry about the grass.

You know, the grass on the other side.

It's not always greener.

As twilight falls on this relationship I could only think of one thing to say,

"No matter what, I will always be your friend."

And so I will.


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Roo said...

and I think that is THE BEST thing you can do. Just be there for your friend. :(

Amber said...

You know me, and know that in relationships I am not just a hopeless romantic, but an eternal optimist. When I think of the misery I put myself, my children, my family and my friends through holding onto unhappy and unhealthy relationships in the hope that it would get better, I want to kick myself.

The grass may not be greener in the dating pool, but I can be alone and be unhappy, just as easily as being in a relationship and unhappy. The difference is that I control my attitude and mood by myself instead of the circumstances of the relationship dictating my emotions.

I am only speaking of myself and my own situations. I am happily married, and I know that I won't always be. Some days I'm sure that I'll want to gouge his eyes out with a spoon, but I believe that the good will far outweigh the bad. When the bad constantly outweighs the good, everyone suffers. At that point what choice do you have but to both commit to fixing it, or let it go?

Sorry for the rambling. I'm sure that everything will work out exactly as God wants it to, even though it hurts. Growth often does.

Anonymous said...

so sad . . . :( (tears)