Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Sometimes I Get a Little Down


Sometimes I get a little down.

It’s the little and big things that get to me. For the most part I’m a pretty positive girl.

Yet, sometimes…

Sometimes it’s the negative comment that is thrust my way. Even if it wasn’t meant for me or about me, I’ll carry it around, bundled like a mewing newborn.

”If only you were thinner, taller, younger, blonder…”

“It’s too bad you didn’t finish college, write that book, get that job, buy that house…”

“Why don’t you make more money, run more miles, smile more, smile less, take charge of your life…”

Other times it’s the circumstances of my life that blow me over like a reed in the wind.

Worrying about Beloved

Missing Boy

Dealing with FIL

Thinking about Mom

Listening to silence and finally understanding that soon it will be like this all the time

Gasping as the caller ID announces a call from the retirement home

But then…

I see the new calf run across the field in wild abandon.

I made a seven-month-old baby smile.

My dog is glad to see me after work.

The garden is growing.

My Girl comes home.

And my Beloved puts his arms around me, tells me I’m pretty, and I rest in his embrace.

Life is good.

Then I'm not so down anymore.


Roo said...

All I can say is "awwwwww"


Sandcastle Momma said...

Someone told me once to never stop looking for those little bright spots. Amazing how a baby's smile or a happy dog can make troubles melt away.
Keep looking and try to focus on the good!

Bee and Rose said...

Annie...that was beautiful:)

Barrie said...

So glad you can think of things that cheer you up.

Anonymous said...

Bawling my head off as I read this are have your life...and your amazing attitude.

Love you forever...wen