Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Big Mouth

I homeschool.

We have homeschooled since kindergarten many, many years ago.

In all honesty, I homeschooled kindergarten because, well, how bad can you screw up kindergarten? I mean really?

Because I've done this for so many years, I kinda snicker instead of getting angry when asked about, socialization.

Are you kidding me?

But I don't really feel like having that conversation just now.

The problem arouse yesterday, when someone asked me when I homeschool, since I now work four days per week. I laughed (I promise I did not snicker) and said that since Girl is 16 and can read she pretty much does her own work.

The teacher in front of me did not approve (insert massive eye-roll here). She pressed on.

"What about Algebra? Chemistry?"

I explained, as I always do, about the wonders of teaching DVD's and pulled out my favorite zinger:

"She takes outside classes. Courses such as, Genetics at the University and her college prep writing course. It's good for her to be in a classroom setting just to see how that all works". Gag.

Our take on education has always been that ultimately it was the children's responsibility. It's their job to learn. It's their job to study. It's their right to be educated.

"Why not private school?" she sighed.

"Because I don't see any difference between public and private. They all still have the pack mentality," I replied, weary of this conversation.

I had hoped that this last zinger would scare her off, that she'd back off and leave me alone.

It didn't.

I listened as she explained the value of group education, good curriculum, and so forth. I smiled and said, "Each family needs to decided what's best for them. For us, it was homeschooling."

She smiled. We're still friends...I think.

It doesn't matter. If I cared what other people thought about the way I raise my children, I wouldn't have homeschooled.

And that would have been a shame.


Patti said...

i still laugh when people tell me homeschooling is lacking. yeah, tell that to boy who received scholarship to every university he applied to. then he graduated from college on a friday and started his new job the next monday.

poor homeschooled boy.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it would have been a shame . . .