Thursday, February 05, 2009

Random Twenty-Five

Okay, so Kristen over at Beyond Mommy tagged me. I had to really dig because, well, I've done this before. None-the-less, here you go.

1. I became a Christian at the age of twenty-five.

2. I am my parents’ only daughter.

3. I am not a perfectionist and think people who try to be are strange.

4. I don’t care that my hair is turning gray, but I’m not very happy about the age spots appearing on my hands.

5. I’ve won awards for my writing.

6. I’m constantly cold and cannot wait for the day when I live somewhere warm.

7. We live on the farm where my husband grew up.

8. I hate cows.

9. I’ve traveled to Hawaii six times.

10. I have lived in Oregon my entire life, although I’ve spent my adult life trying to get away from here.

11. I have a birth mark on my thigh that my mother told me was a stain from where she spilled coffee on me as a child.

12. I have a brother who I call my sister – he’s my favorite brother/sister.

13. My children are my greatest achievement. If that makes me lame, so be it.

14. I think homeschoolers are better socialized than other children.

15. I never attend women’s events at church because I do not fit in.

16. I read whenever I have free time.

17. I cry over everything: movies, books, commercials, music. It’s exhausting.

18. I’ve learned to keep my opinionated, big mouth shut (most of the time). This is nothing short of a miracle. Just ask my family.

19. I am addicted to LOST.

20. Since I re-entered the work force I’ve seen less and less of my friends. Man, I miss my friends.

21. I prefer to bake cakes and cookies from scratch. No mixes for me.

22. I love the beach, but think the ocean is scary!

23. My bark is worse than my bite.

24. I own a red purse, a red cell phone, and a red ipod. I’m starting to see a trend.

25. I pick up the accent of whom ever I’m speaking with. It’s really strange.

And, I tag Tootie, Patti, Susan, and Roo


Janie said...

I enjoyed that!

Patti said...

i have posted...and just wondering, do you have a facebook page?!

also, i do #25, 21, 15, 14

pct said...

here's a little something for you:

i have waded in...

Kristen said...

Thanks for humoring me, Annie. Sorry I didn't know it was a repeat. But I learned a lot!