Monday, February 09, 2009

Idiot Girl and Child Discipline

I got into a discussion with another woman about Child Discipline

ominous silence…

Teri has just covered her eyes, snorted coffee out her nose, and pushed away her keyboard in disgust.

Why do I do it? Why do I feel the need to laugh and jump right into a conversation that is sure to leave everyone pissed off and pouty?


Well, first, I’m an idiot girl. Ya’ll know that.

Secondly, having met this woman’s off-spring, I thought she needed a new point of view. One that involved soap, water, a good long time-out, and possible a good old fashioned spanking! GASP!

Did you know it is NOT illegal to spank your child?

It’s not. Sigh.

The woman laughed right back at me when I admitted that we had spanked our wonderful children when they were little. She smiled when I said, that my teenagers are amazing kids and they’ve never given us a moment’s worry. She simply blinked at me when I told her I could make my children mind by simply giving them the look from across the room (I no longer use the LOOK, since my children are older).

We agreed to disagree and parted friends. Thus ends my tirade about child discipline. Teri, you can come back now, it’s safe :)

Edit: I did NOT inform this woman that I thought her children needed soap, water or spankings. I'm not that big of an idiot!


Patti said...

i still use the look...on the cat. she's so over it.

The Sweet Family said...

Honestly, the only reason she was put out was because she knew you were right.

Don't worry, you still have all of us!

Have a great week!!!

TJ Brown said...

I wasn't drinking coffee, I was eating chili. You owe me a clean desk.

Teri, who's lovly, perfectly wonderful children laugh when I give the look;-)

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Annie -

Good advice - straight from THE BOOK.

Susan :)