Wednesday, February 11, 2009

On My Desk

On my desk:

There is a pink golf ball – yet I don’t golf

Albuterol for my asthma – of which I haven’t had to use in days and I don’t know why

An old fashioned metal slinky – that’s right, straight from the 1970’s

A picture of my beloved when he was a little boy – it was taken in 1971; the black and white photo shows him with his cowboy hat and leg brace. They said he’d walk with a limp. They said he’d never run. Yet, when they removed the brace he ran like the wind.

Two old baseballs – again from Beloved’s boyhood

Girl’s Celtic bracelet

Boys first CD - songs written and performed by my boy!

Keys, bills, pens, a calculator, cell phone, note pads, a Lionel train engine and coal cart.

What’s on YOUR desk?


Travis Erwin said...

Sadly I have no desk but when I did it had more crap than I'd ever be able to list.

The Sweet Family said...

On my desk at home: Pictures of all of my nieces and nephews with my children, a pic of my son in his golf stance and a pic of my mom. Ton's of game cd's out of their cases and the remnants of 2008 Taxes completed!

On my desk at work: Pics of my two beautiful children, a Chic-fil-a cup from lunch yesterday with new ice water to quench my thirst and a stress ball from my dear work friend!

Cute post!!

Kristen said...

Just like Forrest Gump!

Perhaps I'll respond in kind on my blog.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

A Flat Stanley that I was supposed to get in the mail 9 months ago, two old baby bottles (gross!), a stray bobbin of thread, empty plate of chocolate cake (for breakfast), a bazilliong kids' drawings, a sock, and who in heaven knows what else.

Thanks for reminding me to clean my desk. =)