Monday, December 15, 2008

All Things White...Still

The snow is still here. It was a balmy sixteen degrees today and I just want to point out that sixteen is NOT a temperature. Sixteen is that age when children get a wee bit lippy and you must remind them that you are still the boss. But, I digress.

We woke to no running water in the house. Fortunately, Beloved and FIL were able to fix the problem in just under thirty minutes. I treated them to hot coffee and home-made bread. Is there anything like bread fresh from the oven? I think not!

The roads remain slick and nasty. Beloved, like most men, felt the need to brave the elements and, "See just how bad it really is". Why do men do this? Is it a macho thing? Is it a test of manhood? Is there some primal urge they possess that forces them to jump into their cars and drive on dangerous roads?

Personally, I was thankful neither of us had to go in to work today. Instead, I waited for Beloved to return (hopefully unscathed) to hear the road report.

"It's bad!"

Really? NO! (insert massive eye roll here!)

It was a lovely day spent working on my cross stitch, eating peanut M & M's, watching Nanny McPhee, and taking a walk IN THE FREEZING COLD to see what there was to see. We saw beautiful sunshine, lovely pastures covered with snow, our road covered with snow, the trees, yes, covered in snow. We also noted the number of broken branches, fallen trees, and other messy messes that will need attending after the snow retires north.

However, according to the weather forecast, the snow will be "sticking" around for some time. We are expecting temperatures to stay well below freezing and more snow on Wednesday as well as this weekend.

While I love me some snow, I only like it when it stays for a few hours, not days.

So, do me a favor Frosty, pack up the wife and kiddies and head back to parts cold and stormy. We Oregonians prefer the rain. Warm, wet, rain. Ahhhh...

For your viewing pleasure:


Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Annie -

Oooh, those pictures bring back memories of New England winters. My best friend loves snow. On the other hand, this vista makes me want to crawl back under the covers.

Susan :)

Sandcastle Momma said...

That is SO beautiful! It's like you're in the middle of a winter wonderland. It's been cold here to - all the way down in the 40s LOL I can't even imagine the teens or colder!

Anonymous said...

wow - snow . .. I sorta miss it - maybe

tootie said...

I laughed at the "see how bad it is." That is so true! It must be a requirement in the man handbook.

I love the pics - especially the one with the heart in the snow!

TJ Brown said...

Yep, the snow is interfering with my Christmas plans, not to mention my to do lists!

Travis Erwin said...

But few things are prettier and more peaceful than freshly fallen snow.

Janie said...

I love snow...and I love the northwest! Thanks for sharing!