Sunday, December 14, 2008

All Things White and Wonderful

It's snowing!

We are seldom blessed with many snow days. Living in this part of Oregon certainly has benefits in that we are close to both beach and mountains. We may suffer weeks of rain, but we are seldom inflicted with the adverse weather that other northern and southern states face.

And when it snows...

I love it. I love the way it looks. I love the colors and the crisp cold. I do not, however, like to drive in this slickery stuff. Now, I know that many of you from parts far colder and whiter than mine are snickering at this fact. Snicker away! I don't care. I do NOT drive in snow/ice/sleet if I can help it. I know my limits.

When it snows I make cocoa from scratch. I make pancakes. I gaze adoringly out my windows. I comment on it's beauty, snap picture after picture, and build snowmen, but I do NOT drive in it. Truth be told, I don't even want to ride in a car in this stuff.

I'd rather stay home, warm, toasty, and safe. It's just the way I roll. Today is a day for enjoying my family and the weather. All other activities have been cancelled: church, company Christmas party, and shopping. Instead, it's a day to marvel at the beauty and remember how blessed I am (that I don't have to drive in this darn stuff!!).

Girl and Dog: Dog lurves to play in the snow!

Thar be snow in them thar trees!

Hold still Daddy!

If you hit with me with that, you'll be sorry!

"Look," says dog, "It's snowing. Wanna play?"

Can I come in...


tootie said...

It looks so pretty! Like a scene right out of a Christmas song.

But I don't blame you - I HATED driving in snow (and/or ice) when I lived in a cold climate. I would much rather stay inside, especially if hot chocolate is involved :)

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

I'm with you, Annie. I prefer looking at the white stuff from inside a cozy house. Although I come from New York/New England, I'm quite happy to be in a milder climate now.

Susan :)

Kat said...

my favorite picture - is the dog! what a great snapshot.

Off to bed I am!


TJ Brown said...


I made homemade hot chocolate and pancakes too!