Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Listen Up Jack Frost!

Ladies and gentlemen…I’m wearing a scarf. No I have not converted to a different religion, nor have I experienced sudden hair loss. The fact of the matter is: I’m cold.

The temperature is hovering right around twenty-five degrees and our poor furnace is doing its best to warm this house, but I’m cold. I can’t be sure, but since the upstairs is somewhere around sixty-nine degrees, the basement should be around sixty-six. That, my friends, is far to cold for this girl.

I’m wearing my fleece lined slipper boots, the ones with the good tread on the bottom. I have a long sleeve shirt on under my hoodie and a scarf wrapped round my neck. My fingers feel like popsicles and if I touch Girl she’ll scream at me. Which I have to admit has been kind of a fun game for most of the day. At least these cold appendages have provided some amusement!

There is a pot of chili/stew/soup on the stove awaiting the return of Beloved. Poor Beloved had to brave the cold and icy roads to go to work today. I did not.

Speaking of work: HI BOSS! Now, everyone be nice because my BOSS may be lurking and reading every little printed word of my blog. BOSS will soon discover my idiot girl tendencies and my love of sarcasm and eye rolling. I suppose the honeymoon over. Sigh.

While I’m thankful that I don’t have to be heroic and face those nasty country roads in a vehicle I am certain will end up in the ditch, I’m starting to get a little stir crazy. I haven’t been to town since Saturday (employee party!) and I’ve got oodles of shopping to do and there is our post-Christmas smoking bishop party to prepare for. Boy isn’t home and he may not be able to get home until after this weekends new blanket of snow has fallen.

So listen up Jack Frost: I’m cold. I’ve got things to do. It’s time for you to leave. Really. I’m not kidding.

Just so you know, the day hasn't been a total waste. I've been all over the web reading, reading, reading. In case you're killing time and trying to warm you fingers via the keyboard of you computer here are my suggestions for killin' time today:

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Janie said...

Annie! Thanks for stopping by my crazy blog!

BTW, I love Karen at Pondering Penguin. She's so very smart!

Thanks for giving me the linky love!

Think Jack Nicholas (but in a nice, Texas girl way!)...."I'll be baaaaaack!"

Barrie said...

I've been chilly all day too. And season's greetings, Boss!

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Aww, Annie. Killing time? I've been trying to revive that dude, so I get some stuff done. :)


Susan J. Reinhardt said...


When are you going to get one of those Follower widgets, so I can sign up?