Friday, October 10, 2008

Revisiting Whoville

On April 2nd, 2008 the wee tiny tyrants were returned to their birth mother. Although we had reservation, foster parents have NO power, so we sadly waved goodbye to the two tiny monsters who had held us captive, drove us insane, and made us question our very existence. We had high hopes of seeing those two blondie girls, but birth mom was carving out her place in their lives and needed time and space away from the reminders of the past. We've been fortunate to talk to the girls on the phone from time to time but we hadn't seen them.

That is until today!

The other foster mommy, aka The Writer or Auntie Teri, made arrangements with Birth Mom to take the tiny tyrants for the day. We were invited for a visit and we simply counted down the minutes until it was time.

I admit that when I was nearly to The Writer's house I felt a fluttering in my stomach. I was nervous and worried. Would they remember us? I know it's only been 6-months, but it seems like forever since I saw those mischievous blue eyes and heard that ear piercing screech. I wondered how they'd react to us and if it would be awkward.

The first set of eyes I saw were those of the Destroyer. She's been only 2 1/2 when we she went home and there she stood in the window; six months older, taller, and no recognition in her eyes. My heart fell.

The second set of eyes came flying at me as I opened the front door. Z-Monster remembered me! She hugged me tight and then moved on to Miss C. What an amazing welcome.

It didn't take long for the Destroyer to warm up to us. She even brought Bill (the white buffalo we'd given her). She connect us with Bill and things moved on from there. We all sat round the coffee table, eating lunch, it was amazing to see how much they'd changed and grown in so short a time.

Thanks Teri for inviting us to share the fun this afternoon. The girls are doing so well and I'm happy that my visions of doom did not come true.

On the drive over to Auntie Teri's house Z-Monster told Great-Grandma in the car, "I'll never see Auntie Ann again..."

The Destroyer wanted me to sit next to her at lunch and when we took a walk she wanted me to hold her hand. My heart melted just then.


Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Great pictures of everyone. You can see the mischievous glint in the little ones' eyes.

You and your husband are special people. :)


Anonymous said...

They are so beautiful. . . .

You sure had a lot to do with that :)


Patti said...

i hope they are well-cared for and i'm so glad you had the chance to see them again.

Barrie said...

Oh wow. How wonderful that you got a visit! And thanks for sharing the photos.

Barrie said...

Annie, I'm gathering up links for Wednesday's October Ovation blog round-up. Let me know if you get a post done. :)

Kiva said...

Wow. Have they grown up in just 6 months. What a wonderful reunion. The pictures say it all.

Sandcastle Momma said...

I really admire foster parents. It must be so hard to become attached to a child and then watch them leave -especially if you don't feel comfortable with them going back to their birth mother.
My hat's off to you and your husband!