Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Friends in Low Places

As you may have guessed I've been working and working. If I'm not "working" at work, than I'm "working" at home. I'm not complaining - truly - but I am a little weary. My poor family is becoming accustom to my cat-napping on the sofa after work.

I still like my job, but of course, it's a job. It did depress me a wee bit when I considered how little I am actually making, but when I factored in the free use of the gym, the discount on vitamins, and the fact that I really do like the job, I was able to overlook the pathetic pay. After all, you can't have everything!

A lady at the gym told me, "You're smarter than this job!" Which is true (stop snickering, I am!). I know I could make more money in an office, but frankly then I'd be stuck in an office. I despise the office with its snarly manager, gossipy break room, and condescending co-workers. Paper cuts, deadlines, team meetings, oh my! I've had enough of that type of fun to last a very long time. And don't even get me started on pantyhose and heels. Eeeessh!

Nope, for the time being this little job of mine will do just fine and I'm meeting some amazing women. One of which, well, she might just be my new BFF. Seriously.

When she came into the gym and I heard her laugh I thought, "Hmmm. She's funny." I was drawn to her laughter and her dancing blue eyes. When we started talking I also found that she was sarcastic in a snickery kinda way (just like me!). Now I've had this feeling before. It's the feeling that says, "This woman is going to be your friend." It's never steered me wrong.

The other night I worked with one of the owners, one I don't see very often any more due to the fact that she usually works at the other facility. Big Red (that's what I'll call my new friend) was in working out and we were yucking it up, like we usually do when she's in. Boss came over and joined the conversation and suddenly looked at me and said, "Are you two friends? I mean did you two know each other outside the gym?"

Big Red and I looked at each other and laughed. "Nope," we declared. Boss looked a little surprised and we explained that we seem to have similar personalities (read snarky) and have kind of hit it off.

However, there are some big differences between Red and myself: I'm a parent, she's never had children. I have no idea where she stands on the faith issue, while ya'll know I'm a Bible thumping, saved by grace, can't wait to stand in glory, kinda girl. Red likes to camp; I'd rather suck a lemon. Anyway, you get the point.

Big Red, along with Fly Girl, Gambler Grandma, and others, really make my job enjoyable. There are some really fun girls out there and I'm happy to be among such a great group. Why even Grouchy isn't half as cranky as I thought she was. She a wee bit rough around the edges, but she's got a great sense of humor.

While all this is true I must admit that I miss my other best friends. I miss Writer Girl, who I trade brief updates with every few days. I miss the Giver and wonder how she's doing now that Beauty is away at college. I miss the Stalker and worry about her health and I fret over the Singer and wonder if she's going to be okay.

I miss ya girls!

EDIT: None of this is to say that anyone is being REPLACED! Holy cat fish Batman!


TJ Brown said...

Sigh. Replaced by a woman called Big Red? Really, Annie!

Patti said...

wow...i want your job. i am thinking of getting a job. but maybe starting a business is better.

about those cookies: you are the best supporter evah! but seriously, there is no need to send me snickerdoodles. oh how i love a snickerdoodle. but, no, no, no. no need to send them to me. i am a happy girl just knowing you offered...and more than once.

thanks girl.

tootie said...

It sounds like you are very content with your job. I'm glad! If you can make a few good friends (like you have) AND wear workout clothes, it sounds a good deal to me!

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Annie -

How about us blogger friends? Do you miss us? Sniff.

I'm glad you're enjoying your job. With all the perks, you're probably coming out ahead.

Susan :)

Anonymous said...

Hey what happened to my comment?

I must have not posted it right now I cannot remember what I said . . .

aka (affectionaly known as,)