Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Thus far this week:

Celebrated birthday. Forty-One years, people and still breathing. Hurray me. It was a regular day with nothing exciting to announce. I did bake some incredible brownies though. Everyone likes brownies!

Attended Miss C's first chemistry class. Ummmmm...The jury is still out on this one, but I'm kinda leaning towards putting chemistry off till next year. All that algebra is making both our heads hurt.

Received a phone call from a concerned woman informing me that my Beloved was ill (at home - alone - gasp) and I should probably check on him since he didn't know where I was. Seriously.

I'm feeling rather...persnickerty...about that.

Beloved and I are attempting to sort through numerous benefits booklets sent from his employer. At 65 pages each we're slightly overwhelmed.

All the blather about the up coming election is beginning to annoy me. I will agree with one liberal friend who said, "Regardless of who wins, I hope it's a clear win. No wondering - no recounts!" I couldn't agree more.

It's October 1st and it occurred to me that this year there will be no trip to the pumpkin patch (foster babies no longer torture, er, reside with us). When I recounted these sad thoughts out loud, Miss C informed me that she never really liked going. Are you kidding? What! She said she didn't like riding in the hay wagon, picking up a dirty pumpkin and walking down that lllooonnngg hallway.

What the heck is she talking about? What hallway?

The only thing I can think of is she didn't like the potato presentation. For a few years we would go to a local potato farm to get our pumpkins because if you went with a group on a field trip you got a free bag of potatoes. Oh, and um, it was educational as well.

I just want the record to show that I have photo's of this same child, smiling gleefully, holding a dirty pumpkin. I have tons of evidence to contradict what she's trying to sell. Darn it!

muttering: Didn't like the pumpkin patch my big toe! She did too! Loved it even! Begged to go! mutter mutter mutter


Kiva said...

Happy happy birthday, to you, to you, youngster. Yes, as they get older, they don't remember that they absolutely adored going to the pumpkin patch. They are way far to above that... until they have kids of their own. LOL

Patti said...

happy happy day! and they love to torture us, don't they?!

tootie said...

Happy Birthday!!

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Happy Birthday and many, many more.

If we want a clear win, we'd all better get out and VOTE! Maybe I'll do a blogpost on this.

Susan :)

TJ Brown said...

we still haven't went out for your birthday coffee. This working thing is really messing up our schedule!