Wednesday, October 22, 2008

If You Break His Heart I'll Kill You with Scissors

Got your attention with that post title didn't I? Ha ha ha!

And no, I didn't utter those words. I never even thought those words! Those words spilled forth from a friends mouth and they've left us all stunned and laughing. I can't give you details, but let me just say that it transported me to that scene in My Big Fat Greek Wedding where the brother tells the fiance that if he hurts his sister, he'll kill him. It's all in good, clean fun...I think...

The banquet is over! Hallelujah. It went well and we had nearly 200 guests. I've not seen the final count, but I believe we exceeded our fund raising goal. This is such a great ministry and I'm happy to have been a part of it.

I've made a few new observations at work: One is that attitude is everything. If you have a lousy attitude then you've got a lousy job. That's all. Two, people are very inconsiderate of other people.

This last observation may not be a shocking revelation to you, but frankly folks, it's time we all pulled our heads out of the sand, took a good look around, and considered how we effect those around us.

For example: if you take a shower at small gym (IE. they have ONE shower and it's in the main bathroom) do not leave water all over the floor. Do not leave the shower mat in the middle of the room and please do not leave strands of your HAIR everywhere. Seriously. My children don't leave this big of a mess after they shower at home.

And please keep in mind that if you need 30 minutes to workout and the gym closes in 15 do the math. It's not that we're not glad to see you, but you know how you feel after a long day? We feel the same way; we want to go home. We want to put our feet up. We want to veg. Not to mention, just because the gym closes at a certain hour, doesn't mean we'll be walking at the door moments later. Nope. There is cleaning to do. There is paperwork to do. It means we leave when the work is done and if you're still there, 15-20 min after we close, we're going to be there later.

There may be a new opportunity coming my way. News at 11:00.

I'm missing my friends. Short phone calls and txt msgs are not cutting it. I miss writing and one of my characters for my story is starting to appear in my dreams. She's a forthright black woman with an attitude and she's giving me heck for not getting her on paper. My mother has been making the occasional appearance in my I'm wondering what that's about!

Boy got his drivers license (be warned). Girl is frustrated because our ultra conservative friends are making life difficult for her. Beloved is working with a mouthy four-year-old (okay, he's 38 but acts like a spoiled brat).

Speaking of four-year-olds: Birth Mom phoned me last week to arrange for us to take the tiny tyrants one day over the weekend. We were so excited and spent all day Sunday with those two wee blondie girls. Chuckie Cheese kept them entertained (and our wallet drained!), the cows were again a favorite walking destination, and pancake supper filled everyone up. It was a grand, grand visit...until the end.

As we began driving them home Z-Monster comments that she doesn't know when her birthday is.

I reply, "Your birthday is in January."

Monster - "No it's not!"

Me - "Yes it is."

Monster - "No it's not!!"

Me - "Z! Your birthday is the same month as Uncle Alan's (other, previous foster daddy)

Monster - (snide voice) "MY birthday is after Uncle Alan's" (eyes rolling)

Me - "Yes, IN JANUARY"

Monster - "No it's not"

Me - "Z, I am finished talking to you about this."

Monster - (muttering in her car seat) "It is not. My birthday is not in January. It's not..."

Her muttering continued until she feel asleep a few minutes later. I looked at beloved and said,

"Eleven months of THAT! It's a wonder I'm still sane!"

Honestly though, the way he smiled at me made me I still sane? Hmmmm...

I leave you with pics of the banquet and of the wee girls. Have a delightful day and I hope you are all well and enjoying these crisp fall days!


Barrie said...

Those two girls are so cute! Glad you had fun from one end of the spectrum (the banquet) to the other (Chuck E. Cheez)!

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

I'm exhausted just reading this. What are you eating that you can keep up with everything??? As delicious as that salad looks, there has to be some meat and potatoes around.

Susan :)