Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's Time for Signing Time!

I am passionate about a number of things: Family, chocolate, books, working out, and children.

There are things in my life that I simply adore and I share them with family and friends alike! Dove Dark Chocolate, new authors, wonderful old movies, and recipes. But every once in awhile a product comes along that makes me want to shout from the rooftops. Signing Time is one of them.

I was first introduced to the Signing Time video series a few years ago when we became foster parents. Our youngest foster daughter age 2, lovingly referred to as the Destroyer, wasn't doing a whole lotta talkin'. Signing Time helped her to express herself in a new way and words followed. An added bonus was her older sister, then 3-years-old, caught on and soon they were both signing.

I shared this wonderful resource with my family and friends and Master Smiley was one who fell in love them too. It's his favorite way to wake-up: Signing Time, Cheerios, and milk.

Now that you've got a wee bit o' background, I'm happy to introduce you to Baby Signing Times.

These DVD's are the perfect tool to teach your children to sign. But I can hear you ask, "Why teach sign to a hearing child?" Good question. I knew I had sharp readers!

Children who sign can communicate with their world at a very young age. It allows them to reach out and tell people what they're thinking and what they want. Signing brings an end to frustration and provides another way for children to grow.

For children with speech delays or special needs, signing gives them the tools they need to be "heard" and understood. Who doesn't like that?

Baby Signing Times is filled with more songs, more fun and the kiddies are just plain cute! I adored watching them and can't wait to share these DVD's with my nephew, Master Smiley.

You can learn more about Signing Time here. I think you'll find it interesting and it's the perfect baby shower and birthday gift. I know you'll love it.

Here's a clip for you to watch, so you'll see what I mean!


tootie said...

My friend taught her 1-year son baby sign language, and she swears by it! She said it's helped reduce frustration - both for her and her son. I'd love to do this when my husband and I have kids.

Patti said...

we did this 24 years ago before i knew it was hip...and thanks....i'm off to bed and i'll have these songs in my head until morning!

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

When I was teaching Children's Church, one of our kids had Downs Syndrome. We communicated with him in sign language. He was thrilled and able to participate with the other children.

It's a great tool for teaching kids communication skills, as well as introducing them to folks who have disabilities.

Susan :)

Kiva said...

Wow, I wish I knew about them before I babysat my granddaughters last week. What fun.