Sunday, September 21, 2008

7 Random Things

About a week ago (sorry Susan) my fellow blogger and Christian writer, Susan J. Reinhardt tagged me to write seven random factiods about me. I told her I'd get to, I'm gettin' to it!

1. When I was a child I use to pretend that I was adopted. It didn't matter that I am the spittin' image of my parents. I just knew I had other parents somewhere, out there. Imagine my disappointment when they never showed up to claim me. Sigh.

2. My senior year of high school I decided I wanted to be an actress but I told everyone I wanted to be a business lawyer cause that's where the money is.

3. I have three brothers: One I don't speak to, one I speak to/see twice a year and then there's the Golden Child. The kids call him, "My sister" because that's how we role. I always wanted a sister. Little did I know "she" would be 6'1, handsome, and live such a soap opera life that I'd wonder why I'd ever want one in the first place.

Just kidding. He's the bomb and the only one I'll confess to be related to these days. Yet, I do wonder about the cowboy pic below. Trust me, I grew up with this dude, he's about as much of a cowboy as I am. ROFL! Gotta love those concrete cowboys!

4. I have a birthmark on my leg that my mother convinced me was a coffee stain. Maybe that's why I like coffee so much!

5. I have mutant toes (according to my husband). The two toes closest to my big toe are the same length as my big toe. I was just fine about it until I met him. Now I'm a little self conscious about them.

6. I cry, like a girl, over sad movies, books, commercials, songs, just about anything. I hate it. I honestly do. But I am in good company because the Golden Child does too. One year I gave him a birthday card and told him NOT to read it in front of everyone. He did. He cried. Later that night he called me on the phone, crying because he'd read it again. Awwwww.

7. I steal my daughter's ear-rings to wear on a regular basis. She's none to happy about that.

You wanted to know all that, I can tell. Especially the mutant toe thing (eeww!). This is just the type of quality, informative writing you find at this blog. You love it, you know it, so stop rolling your eyes!

In the spirit of good sportsmanship I tag: Amy Sweet and Kiva. Get writin' girls!


Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Annie -

Unusual, but definitely interesting, facts. I have no biological siblings, but lots of brothers and sisters in the Lord.

A friend has 2 adopted children and 1 biological child. The biological kid always felt he got the raw end of the deal. The other two got to celebrate their birthday and their arrival day, while he only had a birthday.

The whole crying thing - join the club. My mother, girlfriend, and I have been known to empty a box of Kleenex watching a sad movie. I'm talking about major sobbing.

Thanks for joining the fun. Do you have links to Kiva and Amy's blogs? I've been following the trail to see how long this meme will continue.

Susan :)

TJ Brown said...

You know I've never noticed the toe thing. That's it. We can't be best friends anymore.

Brenda Nixon said...

ha ha, interesting trivia. I love the variety of your blogs and pictures Annie. Thanks for what you're sharing with readers.

And I want to thank you - in advance - for interviewing us co-authors of A Scrapbook of Christmas Firsts on your blog. I can't wait for your marvelous readers to learn about our holiday book and the giant gift basket giveaway on A Scrapbook of Christmas Firsts blog page.
Brenda Nixon, Co-author

My Ice Cream Diary said...

I do love it. It is the odd stuff that makes people fun.