Monday, September 15, 2008


Quick, short post cause I know you are just dying to know!

I thought part-time meant part-time...

Nasty hip is only semi-nasty and I'm back to running a mile. Next up: Two miles.

Made a new friend at the gym. She's snarky and sarcastic like me. Oh dear heaven help us all!

My amazing Miss C is, well, amazing. Someone, in a rather shocked tone, said to me today, "You mean you work here and then you go home and homeschool?"

Silly, public school educated woman!

NO! She's 16 and can read. She is responsible for her own school. (massive eye roll here). In case you are dialing child protective services at this very moment, I set up Miss C's schedule and she does the work. WE then go over it together, I answer questions, etc. She's not an idiot folks. In fact, her CAT scores are well above her grade level. Sigh.

I think I may need to eat chocolate...soon.

Had a lovely dinner with the Giver and family and then on Sunday a relaxed lunch at the Writer Girl's house. Lovely, simply lovely. I am blessed with wonderful friends.

The chef is amazing. If I wasn't already married and old enough to be his ahem older sister, I'd sweep him off his feet just so he'd make me hummus and whatever that pasta thing was he had me sample. The banquet will be incredible!

Boy has met Girl. Story at 11:00 (okay, not really, I'm not going to talk/write about it. Let's just say that this phase of parenting is very, very interesting!)

Disclaimer: If you know my phone number DO NOT call me and ask for details, for I shant, shant I say! reveal any.

I want a new pair of Nike's with the little digital do-hickey that tracks your walk/run, etc and then tattles to your Ipod and your online account. Have you seen this? A M A Z I N G!

Thinking of dying my hair...whatcha think?

I am out of both coffee and hairspray. This is a NATIONAL EMERGENCY. Stop laughing. It is. Truly.

Seriously though, prayers sent for those in TX and areas wet and floody. Hang in there ya'll.

Two friends with tattoos...See this one on LA Ink in November! HA HA HA! Dude!

I work five days this week. Five.

I thought part-time meant part-time. I was mistaken.


Patti said...

out of coffee and hairspray?! i've alerted homeland security. please tell me you still have chocolate.

great post...

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Yeah, work (even part-time) takes a major bite out of your day. Then I come home and work on my own business.

You know what I'd like the sneaker (giving away my age here) manufacturers to make? I want what the kids have - shoes that light up when I walk. So cool. They don't make them for adults. Can you imagine that?

Susan :)

Sandcastle Momma said...

No coffee or hairspray? You definitely need chocolate LOL

Congrats on the mile!

I homeschool my oldest son and I get the strangest comments from people. He's still not ready to work alone yet but people freak when I tell them we only do school for about 3 hours each day. When it's just 1 kid it doesn't take long to cover everything we need to cover.

The people who set your part time hours at full time must be from public school LOL

TJ Brown said...

Love the tat!

You is busy! Glad hip is better!

Talk soon!

Barrie said...

Wow, but you're busy! May chocolate, coffee and hairspray be in your near future!

The Sweet Family said...

Part-time just means work more with less pay and benefits! HEHE

Glad to hear your hip is getting better. I will send over a lifetime supply of chocolate! No woman should ever be without!

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Can't believe you put up the pic of and my big NOSE!!!! Love you are amazing...I'm so proud of all you do.