Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Goal Met...Bout Time!

It happened. Finally. For twelve weeks I have waited, watching anxiously, only to be disappointed time and again. Finally, it happened. I reached my first weight loss goal: 16 lbs gone!

My actual goal was 15 lbs, but a bonus pound isn’t something you just toss aside. No way Jose!

When the Singer phoned today, I answered and she asked to speak to me (obviously not realizing I had answered the phone).
I said, “This is me!”

She replied, “You sound so little.”

I smirked, “Its cause I’m wearing my little clothes”

I feel good in my little clothes, but I cannot wait until these are my “fat clothes”.

In other news:

We, the Boss Lady and I, have located the perfect venue for our big fund raising event in October. Stay tuned. Trust me when I say it’s going to be magical.

And have you ever tried the drink by Naked called Blue Monster? It tastes like sunshine. Honest. Miss C didn’t believe me until she tried it. Now she’s a believer too.

The fitness ball (FITNESS BALL, FITNESS BALL) is still kicking me in the lower quarters, but I was able to complete the entire upper body workout. The abs work is going to kill me though. Nuff said.

And finally, Saturday is blueberry picking day. I cannot wait. I’ve been craving them sooooo badly.


tootie said...

Congrats!! That is just awesome! Enjoy your skinny clothes :)

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hooray for you! I'm trying to drop those 10 lbs. I gained when I broke my arm. (Obviously, it didn't stop me from picking up my fork.) I'm back at the gym, and cutting out sweets (well almost). I love chocolate.

Mom and I picked up blueberries at the Farmers' Market last Friday night. Yummy! They are so good in cereal.

Have a great day!

Susan :)

Patti said...

wow. you have such willpower! 16 pounds! whoohoo....

and i only like my blueberries in a smoothie. i'm weird like that.

Kiva said...

Way to go. I bow to you. You deserve all the blueberries that you can pick!