Friday, January 18, 2008

Children, Children, Children

J has been back at camp/school since Sunday. We were all a bit disappointed that we didn’t get to spend more time with him over the weekend. I think that is the hardest part of watching your kids grow up and strike out on their own. They develop relationships with others, have commitments, and are living their own life. It’s exactly what we wanted them to do, but it’s sad to realize that you will never be as important as other things in their life. Someone once said to me, “A parent will always love a child; more than a child will love a parent”.

Which, I suppose, is why as you age you become wiser, at least you are supposed to. I now understand why my father nags us all so much about spending time with them, after all, he’s my daddy and I’m his child. Kinda puts things into perspective, doesn’t it?

C is doing well, buried in school work, but that’s pretty much par for the course. I’m hesitating to mention a chemistry class for homeschoolers at the university that starts at the end of the month. She took a genetics course there last year and enjoyed it (got a B!) but I know with the amount of work she’s got this year that she may not want to tackle chemistry just now.

She is proving to be a great writing critique partner. This is probably due to the amount of “style” reading she’s had to do for her writing course. C often sees things that I miss, which is great since self-editing is NOT one of my strong points. It’s fun to listen to her ideas and I wonder if anyone will ever be as enthusiastic about my writing as she is. She’s my biggest fan!

Thursday was “Caseworker Visit Day” so the CW was here in time to see us making our experimental dinner (had to do something with that leftover pork roast!). The Monster told her how she, “Put the leaves (cilantro) in.” CW asked The Monster if she cooks with her mother, to which Monster replied, “No. Mom doesn’t have a counter.” CW looked confused and replied that she did indeed. Monster than explained that, “She would be in Mom’s way.” Hmm…need to make sure I include The Monster in more cooking projects. She loves to help do anything, clean the bathroom, mop the floor, dry dishes, busy hands are happy hands in her case!

CW then asked if I’d been to Mom’s apartment. What? Why would I go there? I mean, we have a fairly good working relationship, but I don’t think we could ever be best friends. Our relationship is only going to grow more awkward as time passes. The girls will start transitioning back at some point (Feb?) and I know The Monster. She’ll do to her mom what she did to me when she first came here: she compared me to the other foster mommy, telling me, “Teri’d let me.” It made me crazy when she’d say that and I know for someone who is insecure and unsure of herself; those words are going to make the Bio-Mom nuts too.

The Destroyer was up at 6. Why? She's been really good all morning, except when she decided, in her sparkly pink shoes, to kick her sister in the head. What can I say, she's two...

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TJBrown said...

Cute pix... Hard to believe they are actually monsters! LOL I didn't get to see them this week... need to get together with them before I take off on Thursday.