Tuesday, January 15, 2008

About Yesterday's Post

It has been brought to my attention (from someone in my writer's group, if you must know) that I seem to be unloving, unkind, uncaring towards The Destroyer and her partner in crime, The Z-Monster.

Allow me to put your mind at ease. I do care and very deeply too, I might add. If I didn't care, I assure you, they would not be living here. If I was unloving I would have allowed the state to separate them and place Z-Monster in an intake center and put The Destroyer in a brand new foster home, torn from her Aunties & Uncles as well as her biological family.

You may not know what an intake center is, so please allow me to enlighten you. It is a place where they put children who they cannot place in a proper foster home, whether it be for behavioral issue or simply because they do not have an open home. Wouldn't that have been a lovely place for a three-year-old (this last sentence is called sarcasm).

If I was unkind, I wouldn't spend several hours each day drawing pictures, building duplo castles, and taking mucky walks so that their wee minds and bodies are exercised properly. I wouldn't answer the never ending questions or battle the constant bickering that takes place here. I would not provide balanced meals of gruel, beans and rice (more sarcasm).

If you do not understand sarcasm...well, I'm sorry (I'm being sarcastic).

If you do understand sarcasm, have used it within the last 15 minutes or so, than you, my friend, are welcome to snicker and snort your way through my blog.



TJBrown said...

ROFL Someone actually said that?

Don't let it get to you. I know how much you love them. It's like people don't want to know the truth about motherhood and love. They don't want to know that a mother's "dislike" of their own little darlings is as real as their love. They don't want to hear about the resentment that burns as a woman who reads Voltaire, Steinbeck and Dickens is treated to yet another episode of Spongebob or Barney. They don't want to know that same woman often cries alone in the dark because she just can't make it through another day... and yet wouldn't trade her life or those wee children for anything. All they want to hear about is the loving self sacrifice that woman makes daily, the picture perfect 1950's BS that has infiltrated our culture.

God forbid you should tell the truth about being conflicted about raising two children with issues that most people can't even pretend to comprehend.

And sometimes sarcasm is the best way to deal with the conflict of emotions that marks everyday as a foster parent.

You know you are my hero.

Patti said...

sarcasm keeps me warm at night...