Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Beloved sells stuff on Craigslist. Any time he posts it, it sells. I kid you not.
Sunday night, he posted these UGLY pair of JBL speakers. He listed the home phone and told me he didn’t expect a lot of action. Yeah. At 11:50pm the phone rang twice, and then whoever dialed the number decided that midnight was too late to call, so he hung up. Caller ID ratted him out, so we knew when he phoned back the next day.

Monday morning, 8:15, there is a call from someone interested in the speakers. I give him Beloveds cell phone and wash my hands of the matter. The problem is, Beloved didn’t turn on his phone. So, the prospective buyer calls me back, nearly frantic. He REALLY wants these speakers. Four phone calls later, I set an appointment with him for later that night. Geez. They are just speakers dude.

Half an hour later, the phone rings again, it’s Mr. Midnight. I take his number; let him know that he’s had another call on the speakers, but that I’ll pass his name along.

That night, Mr. Frantic comes over and hands Beloved $200.

I can’t tell you the number of times I have listed stuff on Craigslist only to watch the days tick past and the stupid item not sell. Currently, I have a cash register from my business listed there. The price is fair; it is half of what we paid for it and still far below what they are selling for on Amazon. So, why hasn’t it sold? It’s in perfect condition. Perfect!

I received one call on it, with the promise of calling me back to set up a time to come see it. It’s been two days; I don’t think he’s calling back. Today, I received an email asking if I’d lower my price. I countered with another price, not as low as they wanted, but geez people I can’t give it away!

So, here I sit with my cash register, in its original box, with the manual, the video, extra tape. Beloved was kind and shared his wealth, but I’m left wondering why I can’t sell anything on Craigslist.

And in other news…

As heard from the breakfast table this morning:

Monster: Teri had that kinda cereal

Me: Good

Monster: It good cereal

Me: Yep

Monster: Teri sit on the patio with me and eat her cereal

Me: Yep

Monster: Teri nice

Me: Yep

Monster: I like dat cereal

Me: silent

Monster: Can I had that cereal?

Me: No

Monster: Why?

Me: You wanted Life

Monster: I don’t want life. I want dat cereal

Me: Sorry, you’ll have to eat what you asked for

Monster: Teri give me dat cereal afore

Me: I’m sure she did

Monster: What it taste like?

Me: cereal

Monster: Teri like dat cereal

And on and on and on it went. I am not a morning person. Someone shoot me please.

I’d like to work on my story today. I’d like to clean the house. I’d like to take a nap. I'd like to sell my cash register. However, I’m pretty sure the only thing that will be completed today is cleaning the house. Thus far, in the last two weeks, I’ve written a total of four pages. Four. At this rate, it will take me the rest of my natural life to finish it.


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TJBrown said...

What can I say? I'm a princess among women and I have dat cereal.

Dat Teri.