Saturday, July 29, 2006

Maybe, Baby

Our niece is staying with us for a couple of weeks while she completes her AT with the Army (annual summer training with the National Guard). She brought little Mr. W with her. He is 4 months old and obviously taking him to AT isn't an option. So, Mr. W and I are becoming fast friends.

He's a smiley baby. He seldom cries and is perfectly happy to sit in his little chair and watch me do the dishes while I sing, "Let Me See Your Funky Chicken" (I have NO idea where that came from...).

The problem: I'm rushing head long towards 40 and we haven't had a baby in the house in YEARS. My back is killing me and I'm tired, tired, tired.

While I am loving having him here, with all his cute baby smiles and coos, I feel so tired that I am wondering why I ever entertained the idea of adopting a baby.

Then again, babies are sweet and wonderful. I love babies, simply adore them.

But am I truly prepared to care for an infant? Frankly, I barely survived my daughters first year and I was 25 then. I literally turn into a pumpkin at 9:30pm every night. My teenagers actually tuck ME in now!

Maybe another baby isn't for me.

Maybe we should just get another cat...

In fact the more I think about it, the more I like that idea!

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TJBrown said...

It is definitely culture shock to have wee ones in the house isn't it? I totally feel for you.