Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I'll bet it has happened to you...Your computer is on the fritz, so you phone tech support. "Bob" on the other end is "most happy to help you". The only problem is his accent is so bad you can barely understand him. You try and try to get the information you need, but "Bob" just isn't very helpful. Maybe you'll call back later, hoping to find an American on the other end of the phone.

Good luck!

More and more American companies are out-sourcing their customer service projects to India and other foreign lands. In fact the most recent company to bail is Office Depot. I know, because I was (up until about 5 min ago) an independent contractor for them.

The amazing thing is, Office Depot was very concerned about customer satisfaction. As a customer service rep you did everything you could to keep the customer happy. Yet I heard from a number of customers who were angry because of they got some "idiot" who "didn't speak English" and couldn't help them.

So, for all you who shop retail or business direct with Office Depot, DON'T! Shop at Staples or Office Max. Better yet, find some mom and pop store (if they are still in business) and shop there. Call Office Depot and tell them how angry you are that they out-sourced good American jobs, leaving many American's without jobs.

In case you are wondering, there are over 200 independent contractors for Office Depot who will be unemployed as of August 25.

Office Depot signs all their calls with the phrase, "Thanks for letting Office Depot take care of your business today."

So thanks Office Depot, for giving me and America THE Business!

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