Sunday, May 27, 2012

Notes of the Practical Kind

Well, maybe not too practical. I'm a bad blogger since I started working full time. That's what happens when you work for the man. He demands your time, all of it. What you are left with is a couple of hours of twilight to collect your thoughts, love your family, wash the dishes, and crawl into your bed....just so you can repeat it all over again the next day.

Ain't life grand?

Now, before you think I'm grumbling - I'm not. I'm stating facts here deary, clean and simple.

I work for the man so I can live in the little green house on the corner. It's a reasonably fair trade and my labor isn't dreadful or terribly difficult. It's just toil. Plain and simple.

My friend, the one with the cancer broiling in her throat, will have those cancer cells eliminated via radiation soon. It will be a long, painful, dreadful seven weeks.

The upside is: She'll lose weight (not that she has that much to lose)

The downside is: She'll lose weight. So much weight that she may need a feeding tube.

We've both decided that's disgusting.

Boy is good. He studies. He bikes. He sings his songs and sometimes he even gets paid. I was alarmed to learn that he basically lives on $450.00 per month. Who does that? How do you do that?

He lives simply - as only a single guy with two roommates and no automobile could.

I'm proud of him. But you already knew that.

Girl is good too. She buries her head in Trig and Japanese. She spars with her History instructor. She beats boys up in Judo (well, only a little bit). Girl is preparing to return to camp in a few weeks where she will earn roughly $580 a month.

I'm proud of her too.

My Beloved is, as always, wonderful. Still employed. Still alive. And still the love of my life.

We are thinking about a road trip to Seattle. Most of these plans hinge on my boss not going on bed rest towards the end of her pregnancy. I've never walked the streets of Seattle, opting to fly past her on my way North or East. Pikes Place is beckoning to us...

You may recall that we had a little home improvement project some months ago. The finished project was well worth the hours of painting.

Take a gander:

The Ugly Rock Wall

Removing Ugly Rock Wall - One Stone at a Time

The Cedar Ceiling

No More Rocks!

Painting is a Pain in the Neck - Truly

New Carpet, New Wall, New Chair

Bright! Cheery!


We haven't done much since this little project. I think it took everything out of us.

We still need to rebuild our fence.

The lawn needs mowing - again, but I planted tomatoes and peppers.

And I have tomorrow off.

Life is good.

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Roo said...

So glad to hear from you, my Internet-Friend. Glad to hear you're all doing well. Please give your friend my best and I will say an extra prayer or two for her.

Happy Spring