Monday, January 02, 2012

In Keeping with My Resolve

We decided to be spontaneous on January 1, 2012. This is where we ended up at 2:00pm.

Cannon Beach January 1, 2012

Yes, 59 degrees on the Oregon Coast on January 1

It was funny at the moment

It was funny this time too

The wind was cold!

Who knew I owned a ball cap
It was a lovely, lovely day and we enjoyed being spontaneous! Our lovely Girl wanted to know what had happened to her parents, but was happy for a day on the coast. 

I wonder what adventure we can come up with for February?

Stay tuned...


Akum said...

Some of my best memories are from unplanned trips. its good to be spontaneous at times.

Happy New Year.

Island Rider said...

Cannon Beach is one of my favorite places on this earth. I have often thought about how nice it would be to live there!