Saturday, December 31, 2011

And So, Let it Begin!

The new year is upon us.

It will not be stopped, nor should it.

And while the coming hours, days, weeks, and months may very well hold our destruction, we must embrace it.  We can do nothing less.

Will Beloved continue his employment throughout 2012, we cannot say.

Will Boy meet the girl?

Will our Girl fly her first plane?

Will I continue in servitude to my employer?

I can only hope and pray that these things come to pass at the right time...not in my time.

And while I do not believe in resolutions (mainly, because I do not keep them), I would resolve to do somethings better in 2012.

I hope we'll find a church - that has been a brutal journey!

I hope to see my friends more - yes, even the ones that live in other states.

I hope to pay off more debt - at the same time we'll acquire more because we have children in college.

I hope we rip out the orange shag carpet in the family room.

I  hope we'll replace our old, falling down fence.

I hope I'll be more satisfied and less restless.

I hope I travel more.

I hope I eat less.

I hope I'll put dreadful anxiety away and embrace life's crazy ride.

I hope we buy a motorcycle -

And I get a tattoo.

I hope I'll be conservative, but still a bit rebellious.

And that I'll think more of others and less of me.

I hope and pray this world finds a little more peace and a lot less war. I hope there are less hungry people and that there will be jobs for everyone. Sounds a little like Utopia doesn't it?

This coming year will probably look an awful lot like 2011, with its turmoil and worry, but this is life and life must be lived.

So, go live it!

Happy New Year

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Island Rider said...

I want a tattoo, too.