Sunday, December 18, 2011

No Respect!

Last spring I went to work for a property management company as a Leasing Consultant/Activities Director. The pay was much better than I received at the gym, it wasn't a terribly difficult job, I didn't work evenings or weekends and I liked my boss. My biggest goal was to hit that six-month mark just in case I got laid off (unemployment benefits you know).

I passed that mark in November and everything seemed to be moving along just fine and although me and my co-workers were hearing the rumblings of the property being sold, no one at home office would give us any firm details.

Of course the property sold. Of course it did.

Our new management company seems okay. Well, it's a bit difficult to tell what they are like. Thus far they have made all sorts of promises about this and that...and then dropped the ball...on me.

My new BIG boss, who incidentally is just a few years older than my son, promised that we would all get paid on schedule. Even when my immediate boss asked him directly about a time card for Annie, he said he had it all under control and that he didn't want us to wait until after Christmas to get paid.

Of course, everyone got paid. Everyone except me.

Thanks BIG boss for making that happen and for apologizing for the mix up. Sure...

And thanks Payroll for being so nice about it. NOT!

I've spent the last week cleaning everything in site at the office. Why you ask? It's because the old company took my computer and the new company still hasn't provided one for me. When BIG boss arrived the day after the sale (note that he didn't even bother to call the day of the sale to tell us what was going on) he had a computer for my boss...but nothing for me.

He leaned on my desk and asked if I needed one...

I'm starting to get the feeling that he has no idea what I do.

So, here I am, back at square one. New company and no sure footing.

I wish I had asked the old company to lay me off so I would not lose unemployment if the new company cans me.

I wish the new company didn't think of me as insignificant.

I feel like Rodney respect!

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