Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lent: Three Weeks and Counting


I've survived three weeks of Lent and haven't wavered on my sacrifice. The funny thing it has actually gotten easier to not obsess over it. In all honesty, those first couple of weeks were not so much fun and while my sacrifice will not change the world, it is changing me.

I've learned that faith is a powerful tool and it makes you stronger.

I've decided that giving something up for God makes you want to stick to your word.

Another interesting thing that is happening is my desire to share my faith with a friend. I'm not a pushy, Bible thumper. If you ask, I'll tell ya what I think, believe, and feel, but I've never been all that great at bringing in the to speak.

Oh sure, I've shared my story and told how wonderfully my life, marriage, and family have changed since I became a Christian, but I'm not a town cryer. I'll disagree with you over matters of faith. You know, like if you tell me you believe in Karma (didn't I go to high school with her?) and you ask if I do, I'll tell you nope and smile. If you ask what I believe, watch out, I'll tell you straight up.

It's the opening up the conversation with a friend, where it get's a little sticky. There are words that need to be said, if only I can get them out.

Why am I so afraid?

"Here I Go Again" Performed by Casting Crowns

Father, hear my prayer
I need the perfect words
Words that he will hear
And know they're straight from You
I don't know what to say
I only know it hurts
To see my only friend slowly fade away

So maybe this time I'll speak the words of life
With Your fire in my eyes
But that old familiar fear is tearing at my words
What am I so afraid of?

'Cause here I go again
Talkin 'bout the rain
And mulling over things that won't live past today
And as I dance around the truth
Time is not his friend
This might be my last chance to tell him 
That You love Him
But here I go again, here I go again

Lord, You love him so, You gave Your only Son
If he will just believe; he will never die
But how then will he know what he has never heard
Lord he has never seen mirrored in my life

This might be my last chance to tell him
That You love him
This might be my last chance to tell him
That You love him
You love him, You love him

What Am I so afraid 
What am I so afraid
What am I so afraid of?
How then will he know
What he has never heard 


Travis Erwin said...

This time next month I too will be a full-fledged Catholic and one of the things I most like about it is the un-bible thumping practice of reaching out to others. That's certainly how they "got" me. With subtle showing not telling and demanding.

T. Paine said...

Indeed! While I am a poor example, I have seen what a great influence someone can be that truly lives a Christian life for those that may not know, understand, or previously care to come to know Him.

St. Francis of Assisi was quoted as once saying, "Preach the gospel always, and if necessary use words!"

Now if I could only succeed in doing just that for God's glory, and certainly not my own!