Monday, February 14, 2011


My Boy has returned home to the little green house on the corner. He brought with him wonderful silk scarves from India, a beautiful hand-carved shell for his father, and an ornate journal for his sister.

He also brought back an intestinal bug and a mighty nasty cold.

It's good to have him home, sickness aside. Being the Mommy that I am, I have scheduled a doctor's appointment for later this afternoon for him. It's good to be a mommy.

Right now, he's sleeping on the sofa.

Girl is at school and just aced her mid-term math exam. That's my girl! I hid a little hand made Valentine in her lunch. Of all the family that live in this house, she's the one who will most appreciate a Valentine card.

I phoned Beloved after dropping Girl at school and told him Happy Valentines Day. We had both forgotten early this morning. We aren't really into the big Valentine thing. It's not that big of a deal. I know he loves me because:

1. He installed a new kitchen faucet over the weekend and didn't lose his temper once (those little home chores are such a joy, aren't they?)

2. He goes to work every single day.

3. He makes me go lay down when I look tired.

4. He listens to me prattle on about everything.

5. He purchased life insurance so if he bites it, I'm still taken care of.

6. He makes me laugh.

7. He tells me I'm beautiful (esp when I am not).

8. He takes out the trash.

9. He told me, after my recent surgery, that he doesn't want my job (meaning taking care of all the little things).

10. He let's me put my freezing feet on his legs and he never complains.

All of this is worth far more than some stupid card from Hallmark. These things won't fade like roses, or add inches to my waistline like chocolate. These are real, tangible acts of love.

So, Beloved, smoochies to you big guy.


amyanne said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today Annie - LOVED this post. :)

Happy Valentine's Day.

Betty Craker Henderson said...

This is beautiful. These are the same things my own husband does and they are invaluable. I have Daily Valentines and I love it.