Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Missing Links

Yeah, so I pulled yesterday's post. After some of the drugs wore off I felt I was a little harsh on some of my courtship friends. One specifically.

While I do feel that my generation may have made the next generation of spouse hunting more difficult, it really isn't for me to say who is right or wrong. Each family must decide for themselves. Just be careful crossing those lines. It's a slippery slope into legalism.

That being said, let us move on.

It's day seven since my surgery. Sometimes I feel like a million bucks. Then I wash the dishes or some other little chore and feel lousy. I'm really not good at waiting. I'm not a good waiter. Just sayin'.

Tomorrow is doctor day. I'm hoping she'll shed some light on my nausea issue. It's getting old. On the up side, I'm just a few pounds away from the fifty pounds lost mark. On the downside, I'm not doing anything and my muscles feel like noodles. And I'm so scared about my first workout...not that it will be any time soon, but I'm so weak and I cannot even imagine how hard it's going to be.

One thought that is giving me great joy is the return of my Boy. India has been a great experience for him and I wonder how it has changed him. Even more, I wonder how he'll find a job and get on with his life now that this portion of his training is over. He's got an internship lined up with his church, school to finish, he needs a car and of course the job to pay for all that. I know that God has a plan, but I wish I knew what it was. I'm just nosy that way.

Being here alone so much has given me time to think about many things. It's been good to reflect on these subjects and consider the gravity of each. Some things seem to weighty while others make me laugh when I consider how important I felt they were. Why do I do that? Make mountains out of mole hills? Why do you?

I'm reading a book by John Fischer and it's so good and so challenging. Not to mention it's the first book I've actually had time to read in nearly a year. That makes me so sad. I have always been such an avid reader and writer, but over the year time has eaten up by other, more pressing issues. I've lost the mojo and my creative side has been slumbering for months.

In the coming days, Lord willing, I'll start working on Girls graduation book. I finished Boys the week after he graduated and here it is nearly spring and Girl graduated last year! I'm a bad, busy mom.

But now it's time to lay back down and rest. My body fails to follow where my mind would lead.

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Betty Craker Henderson said...

Poor Baby. You've been through the wringer but now there's nowhere to go but UP so just hang in there for a little while longer. Give your body time to recover and then your head will follow after. We're all out here pulling for you!