Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day Three

I'm feeling surprisingly well...all things considered.

The doctor's told my Girl and my Beloved that things were tricky, but successful. The doctors never visited me again so I have no idea what that means. Instead, they sent me home with strong narcotics that made me woozy and dizzy and I started to hate them.

I've stopped taking them.

I feel better.

My record for being out of bed: one hour

I love my bed.

I'm going back there now.

Thanks for your prayers. It's kinda cool to know that folks I've never met have prayed for me from all over the world. Kinda makes me wanna throw a party for them.

In a few weeks, that is.

Night all.


patti said...

you are in our thoughts and continued prayers. if i was close, i'd bring you cake...

Annie said...

I do love me some cake....