Thursday, September 09, 2010


I'm stressing a little bit. Just a little. There's just so dang much goin' on.







Who has time for friends! The only reason I saw the Giver the other day was because she was in the hospital. It's kinda funny how priorities change when you know someone is in the hospital. You make the time, you know what I mean?

I see Red because she works out at the gym. I do not see the Writer...evah. The Singer sends me text messages reminding me that she is still a live and wondering if I am.

The Stalker...well girls, I always take her calls. She's in the thick of it right now and her calls always leave me feeling like a boob for whining about my own pathetic life. Of course, she seldom calls...because she has NO TIME!

I really just want to go on vacation.

But I can't because we'll be moving in about eighteen days.


But before that, we've got to get the dog to the vet (hims has a lump or two that are curious). We've got to get our little red car to pass DEQ (it's failed once already). I've got to finish training two new employees. I've got "outside" work that has to be done for my employer (the timing is terrible). And I've got to pack and pack and pack.

It's just a little stress.

Just a little.

But let me just say to all those friends who are local:

birthday party at MY house!


Travis Erwin said...

Hope all settles soon.

tootie said...

Hang in there! It'll all be worth it when you can put your feet up in your new home! :)

Island Rider said...

One step at a time. It will all be done and you will be so glad.